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  1. Paul Thiel
    January 18, 2018 @ 8:59 pm

    John, you are so right, these guys are blind to much of history ! I know they are proud of their race and rightly so but it is way behind time to get over it. They look for any excuse to foster or keep race at the forefront and it comes out as their lacking pride in the many great black Americans. Many accomplished African Americans do not feel the need to constantly use race to further their cause.
    There were many black tribal leaders in Africa that believed in slavery as it had been, and was still practiced there in Europe and other countries around the world ! It was economics for the tribal leaders to sell members of their own race to slave traders.
    My father was born in Germany, a licensed Sea Captain who sailed all over the world from 1910 to 1925 on 3 and 5 masted sailing ships. He was sponsored into this country by the owners of the Three Brothers Cigar Company, spoke little English, but loved America beyond belief ! The Poles, the Swedes, Norwegins, Irish, Italians, French(a great friend he sailed with and bought into USA) etc. all came here and had to assimilate. Most lived in neighborhoods with other members of their nationality and over time had to adapt and stop battling with each other-they all became AMERICANS, fought and died with each other and were “Proud Americans”! In the military, many blacks fought and died for this country, and while on active duty in the Army I saw a great deal of Black Pride ! They deserve it and as the old saying goes you reap what you sow ! Get over it and sow “Black Pride”. There is negative BS everywhere!

    The black race, in many cases, still are searching for that PRIDE what is
    and still had to go through Ellis Island.


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