In a Northern Va. swing district, will Trump be enough for Democrats to unseat Rep. Comstock?

REPOST: The Washington Post

If anyone can withstand a blue wave, it’s Comstock, her supporters say. She has stayed closely connected to community groups throughout her sprawling district and is a tenacious campaigner. Hillary Clinton swept her district in 2016 by 10 percentage points but Comstock survived, and when the dust cleared, she had outperformed Trump by 16 points.

“She is going to win again. Because she’s Barbara Comstock. She has her own brand. She’s tough!” said John Fredericks, a conservative radio host and Trump loyalist.

Wexton has run a cautious campaign, trying to avoid any fumbles that could jeopardize Democrats’ chances to flip a district that has been in Republican hands for nearly 40 years. A lack of a bold message may be why one out of every four voters said they didn’t have an opinion of her as recently as early October.

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