Ready for Terry? McGenius is Back! Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe To Appear On The John Fredericks Show

I call him “Governor McGenius” for a reason. Terry McAuliffe had an impressive record of success as Virginia’s chief executive. He brought in $7 billion of new business — and was scandal-free. Can he translate that success to a successful run for President?

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to Appear on the John Fredericks Radio Show April 1 to Discuss his Presidential Prospects, State and National Politics, and the WJFN News Talk 100.5 FM Highway Billboard Featuring McAuliffe’s saying: “Miss Me Yet?”

Governor McAuliffe Schedule to be a Guest on the John Fredericks Radio Show at 8 a.m. Monday, April 1; Listen Live at WJFN 100.5 FM or Online at or install the free John Fredericks Show APP. 

RICHMOND, VA–The #GodzillaOfTruth and WJFN News Talk Radio 100.5 FM is starting April with a jolt of energy – former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, arguably the most energetic man in politics, is scheduled to help kick off the month with an 8:05 a.m. April 1 (April Fool’s Day) appearance on the John Fredericks Radio Show.

McAuliffe is the business deal-making 72nd Governor of Virginia known for his boisterous energy and volubility. He previously served as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, as Co-Chairman of former President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, and as Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. At the moment, McAuliffe is considering a run for the presidency in 2020.

Locally, he’s the face of a digital billboard visible along Interstate 95 in Richmond promoting WJFN 100.5 FM. The billboard features a picture of McAuliffe in the Governor’s Mansion holding a frosty pint of beer (see image below). Its tagline – “Miss Me Yet?” – is a winking reference to people who might be surprised to find themselves yearning for the days of McAuliffe’s governorship in light of the controversies that consumed the State Capitol this winter.

“Governor McAuliffe has been a repeat guest on our program over the years and we’re excited to have him join us on April 1 to help jumpstart the month and our Monday morning,” said John Fredericks, an accomplished media executive who is the host and founder of the John Fredericks Radio Show, and a lead proprietor of WJFN 100.5 FM.

“Join us on April Fool’s Day for what’s sure to be a rollicking conversation about the state of Democratic Party in Washington, and what the future holds for the Governor. Will he run for President? Can he be the nominee? Does he have a path? What about Bernie and AOC? Has his time passed, or…are Democrats ready for Terry?” Find out Monday, we’ll be live from Miami, Florida.”

WJFN broadcasts Fredericks’ highly popular and influential program and serves as the flagship station for the expanding John Fredericks Radio Network. Fredericks’ eponymous show is simulcast from Washington, D.C. and can be heard on weekdays from 6 a.m.-10 a.m. EST. His show is broadcast in media markets across Virginia including Richmond, Hampton Roads, Lynchburg, and Roanoke. The John Fredericks Radio Show is also heard on stations in Jacksonville, FL.

In addition to his radio show, Fredericks is also a regular guest on national and international television news programs. He served with his wife, Anne, as a national delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention, and was the Virginia Chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign that year.

WJFN is a Richmond-area terrestrial radio station that launched in 2018. It boasts a lineup of prominent Virginia and national voices offering fresh and diverse perspectives on the news of the day, what it means for the way our government functions, and how it impacts people’s everyday lives. What makes WJFN unique is its commitment to providing an engaging, listener-oriented experience that enables audience members to directly connect in real time with the Virginia-based hosts of WJFN 100.5 FM programs. The station’s goal is to showcase voices from both sides of the political spectrum to spark lively and ultimately productive conversations.

WJFN 100.5 FM is the broadcast home of The Fighting Joe Morrissey Show hosted by Morrissey, a colorful and sometimes controversial criminal defense attorney who previously was an elected member of the Virginia House of Delegates and Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney. Morrissey is a progressive Democrat who ran for Richmond Mayor in 2016, and who once brought a semi-automatic rifle onto the House of Delegates’ floor to make a point during a policy debate. As the name of his show suggests, Morrissey isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics or fight for the rights of those overlooked by society.

Another former state Delegate, Chris Saxman, hosts the Virginia FREE Radio program each Monday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. EST. Saxman is a former educator, a successful entrepreneur who represented the Staunton area for four terms in the state House, and a keen political thinker, theorist, and strategist. In 2008, he was the Virginia Co-Chairman of U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign.

Saxman currently serves as Executive Director of the Virginia Foundation for Research and Economic Education (FREE). His non-partisan show is a lively mix of politics, business, and policy talk, along with his musings on sports, barbeque, and family-friendly cable television movies for good measure.

Democrat Susan Platt, a longtime congressional staff leader, and award-winning political campaign manager who previously worked for former Vice President Joe Biden during his U.S. Senate tenure, hosts “Find Your Roar,” an hourly interview and news talk program with a woman’s point of view on WJFN each Saturday morning from 9-10 a.m. EST on WJFN 100.5 FM.

Democrat Gene Rossi, a Northern Virginia-based attorney in private practice with a national law firm who spent nearly three decades prosecuting dangerous criminals as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and ran for Virginia Lieutenant Governor in 2017, hosts “The Gene Rossi Hour” each Saturday from noon-1 p.m. EST on WJFN 100.5 FM.

While much of the commentary on WJFN is center-right politically, the station is actively seeking exciting new voices offering conservative and progressive commentary to add to its airwaves. Just as John Fredericks, a conservative supporter of President Trump, regularly hosts both prominent Republican and Democratic guests on his program and gives people from both sides of the aisle a chance to speak, WJFN 100.5 FM is looking for people with untapped talent who have a fresh perspective on current affairs.

In addition to its Virginia-based programs, WJFN 100.5 FM will air nationally-syndicated news talk programs including the Dennis Prager Show, the Savage Nation, the Larry Elder Show, the Joe Walsh Show, and Red Eye Radio. The station also serves as the Central Virginia broadcast affiliate for Virginia Military Institute (VMI) football and basketball games.


WJFN Radio 100.5 FM is Virginia’s new home for political news talk, featuring some of the most talented voices in local and national political commentary. Visit the station online at Listen live through this link, and connect with the station through FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Listeners can call the station and join the conversation at 804-778-8888.