Virginians Brazenly Defy Northam’s Lockdown Orders: “Take A Hike, Dude!”

Businesses and restaurants open, baseball and softball tournaments flourish, masks are nowhere to be seen, social distancing fades away

On a beautiful June weekend Virginians took matters into their own hands.

Many residents simply defied Governor Ralph Northam’s lockdown E.O.’s and flocked to baseball and softball tournaments, beaches, restaurants, outdoor bars, and other gatherings across the Commonwealth.

Maximum gatherings of 50 people were flaunted, mandatory facemasks were nowhere to be found and hugging was back in vogue.

It is over, Ralph. Give it up. Many Virginians no longer care what you say.

With under 15 percent of available Virginia hospital beds in use, 80 percent of available ventilators sitting in warehouses waiting to be shipped overseas, and deaths under 85 years-old at nearly zero for two weeks running, Virginians have had enough with Northam.

The science and data don’t add up. So, his gig is up.

Northam’s Last Lockdown Gasp: Close Schools

With national Democrats in a collective meltdown over Trump’s V-shaped economic resurgence, deep blue panic has set in.

Another few great job numbers like May, and President Trump is going to romp to re-election.

So, Democrats turn to Gov. Northam, who the far Left took hostage last year when the infamous year-book photos emerged, and “Moonwalk at the mansion” was born.

Here’s the ruse: if kids can’t go back to school with regular hours, many moms and dads can’t go back to work. It’s really that simple: invent bogus reasons not to send kids to school in all the blue states, create fear-hype from the fake news bunch, and tank the job growth numbers.

The Dems need to milk this panic to at least October so they can justify phony mail-in ballots fraught with corruption.

If Joe Biden wins, we will get the “all clear.”

Meanwhile, your kids’ lack of education is mere collateral damage in their unabashed quest for power – and to get Trump out.

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