JF in the News: Winning Virginia Was the Easy Part. Can Glenn Youngkin Govern? (New York Times)

Photo and truncated article courtesy of the New York Times by Leah Askarinam and Blake Hounshell

So far, Youngkin’s conservative base appears happy.

The governor has issued two executive orders that conservatives have cheered: one banning school mask mandates and the other banning critical race theory, the academic framework that has become a catchall term for conservatives who are critical of how schools teach about racism.

The first executive order pledges to end “the use of inherently divisive concepts, including Critical Race Theory, and to raise academic standards.” It also calls for a review of resources for educators and ends a state initiative in math that Youngkin had criticized as a “​​left-wing takeover of public education.”

The second order aims to end a school mask mandate put in place by Youngkin’s predecessor, Ralph Northam. “Parents should have the ability to decide whether their child should wear masks for the duration of the school day,” it reads.

It’s not clear whether the order can actually be enforced, however, given that it conflicts with existing state law requiring schools to follow C.D.C. guidelines. But that may be less important to Trump voters who were once skeptical of Youngkin.

They are “ecstatic with his opening week,” said John Fredericks, a radio talk show host who chaired Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns in Virginia. “Right now, from my perspective, he’s Trump in a red vest.”

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