Right-wing Media Struggle to Embrace Early Voting

John Fredericks in the News, Media Matters for America

In the wake of the right-wing propaganda campaign to undermine early voting and throw out ballots in 2020, conservative media are realizing they hobbled their own voter efforts.

Right-wing radio host John Fredericks told opponents of early voting, “If you continue to push game-day voting because of algorithms, servers on Mars, CCP people flying around in flying saucers changing algorithms in the middle of the night, we will never win an election.” A crucial fact here is that Fredericks himself previously spent years spreading claims of vast election fraud. Following the 2022 midterms, however, he reversed course and declared, “I’m out of the convincing business, the narrative business. I’m in the ballot business, I just want to put ballots in boxes.” [Real America’s Voice, Outside The Beltway2/14/24; Real America’s Voice, War Room11/30/22]

Read the full article here: https://www.mediamatters.org/voter-fraud-and-suppression/after-new-york-special-election-loss-gop-right-wing-media-struggle