John Fredericks Endorses Yesli Vega in VA-07

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia–Radio and Television Talk Show Host John Fredericks, who served as President Donald J. Trump’s Virginia campaign chairman in 2016 and 2020, has endorsed Yesli Vega for Congress in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District.

“I join my very close friends, Congressman Bob Good, former Congressman Dave Brat and Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry, in giving my full and enthusiastic endorsement to Prince William County Supervisor and law enforcement officer Yesli Vega for Congress in VA-07,” said John Fredericks.

“As many of you know, I endorse very few candidates whose name isn’t Donald J. Trump. Our country is at an inflection point in history. Our nation, our freedoms, our economic security, and our very way of life all hang by a thread. Time is short. The stakes are high. The day for career politicians who covet a corner-window office in the Rayburn building are no longer luxuries we can afford. I’m looking for MAGA fighters who will go to D.C. with a new America First super majority and clean house. Yesli Vega is the true MAGA candidate in this race, and she brings vigor, youth and a fearless spirit to the district. She’s a proven political warrior who has defeated the Marxists in a Democrat-leaning district by running unabashedly on America First principles. Yelsi Vega is Abigail Spanberger’s worst nightmare and she’ll bring the fight right to her, while exposing the fact that Spanberger says one thing in central Virginia, then changes her tune — and her votes once she hits I-95 North and rolls up the windows. The moment Abby pulls into the swamp, she’s Squad-2.0.”

Fredericks added, “Yesli is a mom, a military wife, and a true believer in the sanctity and embodiment of the American dream. She lives it every day. Please join me in supporting Yesli Vega for Congress and consider voting for her in the June 21 Republican primary in VA-07.”

Fredericks has endorsed several other candidates this primary election cycle, including Dr. Mehmet Oz for U.S senate in PA, Senator Doug Mastriano for governor in PA, former Senator David Perdue for governor in GA, Kari Lake for governor of AZ, and Vernon Jones for Congress in GA-10.

John Fredericks is a radio and television talk show host, and along with his wife Anne, owns radio stations along the east coast, including Philadelphia, central and southeast Virginia, and Atlanta. Fredericks’ morning radio show is heard 6-10 AM daily on the radio, and his television show “Outside the Beltway” airs 4-5 PM daily on Real America’s Voice.

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