JF in the News: Trump Allies Urge Early 2024 Run

Has the raid changed Republican minds on if Trump should run? Allies say he should announce his 2024 bid NOW with momentum from his base – but donors and GOP leaders fear it could hand Democrats the midterms

  • Trump has launched a fundraising push after the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago
  • Trump allies including John Fredericks want him to announce for 2024 ‘today’
  • But donors and strategists fear that will upend plans for November’s midterms
  • They say it will divert funds from candidates to Trump 
  • And it will mean the elections are not a referendum on Biden’s performance
  • ‘It instantly makes the Biden midterms about Trump instead of Biden’s failures’ 

Excerpt: FBI agents entered Trump’s home as they investigated the removal of classified records from the White House when his term ended in 2021.

The result was outrage among Republicans, who accused the Biden administration of politicizing the FBI and the Justice Department.

Allies have been urging Trump to jump straight into the campaign to retake the White House.

John Fredericks, radio host and chair of the Trump Virginia campaign in 2016 and 2020, said he should announce ‘today’ and launch a tour of swing districts immediately.

‘It leads him to a landslide victory in November 2024, it leads to a massive 50-70 House gain and three in the Senate,’ he said.

‘This has activated the Trump MAGA base like nothing I’ve ever seen. It has activated independents and this is going to backfire on the administrative state and the leftwing Marxists who are now in charge.’

Trump insiders have been divided for months on when to announce. Some have pushed for weeks to announce quickly in order to head off possible opponents, particularly Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who has been making headline and gaining ground.

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