The Third Greatest Day In Our Populist Movement ⭐⭐⭐ Embrace the Chaos!

By John Fredericks

CARY, North Carolina — Yesterday was the third greatest day in our America First populist movement since we started it, which began when Trump came down the escalator. The first day was when he was nominated in Cleveland. The second greatest day was the night he was elected President.

The third greatest day in our movement was yesterday.

It goes down in the annals of history as the first time that new leaders emerged to fight for the working people of this country; the people with dirt under their fingernails and callouses on their hands. The people that nobody pays attention to. Our people. Us.

Finally, we have true leaders of our movement who will stand up and stand tall.

The swamp weasels at Conservative, Inc. are calling it chaos. They snarl in their plush studios and call us “radicals,” “legislative terrorists,” “rebels” and “saboteurs.” The total clown show meltdown going on at FOX NEWS is worth the price of admission.

We embrace the chaos.

Do you know what chaos looks like? $33 trillion in national debt. $10 trillion in balance sheet debt at the Federal Reserve. $30 trillion in unfunded mandates. Open borders. Grooming our kids in school behind our backs. $100 billion to Ukraine that gets money laundered back to Democrat and GOP swamp politicians through FTX and now Black Rock. A $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill stripping the new Republican House majority of any financial leverage until September.

That’s what real chaos is.

What we’re doing is taking back control of our movement.

The other great thing about yesterday is we exposed the phony conservative media for the frauds they are, from FOX News to the Wall Street Journal and all the way down the line. It’s all a farce: controlled opposition to feign resistance. The whole trove of Quislings on FOX and other outlets laid themselves bare: Trey Gowdy, Karl Rove, Shawn Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Jason Chavitz– all of them.

Wait? What’s the End Game?  

“What’s the endgame, John? There’s got to be an endgame!”

Do you know what the endgame is? There is none. That’s the beauty of this. The fight itself is the endgame. No exit strategy is the end game. No McCarthy is the endgame.

“Well, this could be months, John, then what?”

It means months of no deals, no more money spent that we don’t have, no more billions for Ukraine, and no more compromising with the communists and their collaborators in the Uni-Party.

One of the greatest moments yesterday was the collective public national meltdown of the McCarthy swamp apologists. Play it again, Sam.

Taking back our movement is what winning feels like. Do you want to know what winning isn’t? It’s picking up eight GOP seats when we should have won 50. It’s losing the Senate again. It’s selling out to the Marxists with the omnibus bill and neutering the incoming Republican majority.

Another three votes today and McCarthy is still not the Speaker.  That’s the smell of napalm in the morning. That’s the smell of victory.

Yesterday has energized and mobilized the working-class base of our populist movement that has felt completely disenfranchised.

That’s why less than 55 percent of Republicans turned out for the mid-terms. It’s the Uni-Party, the swamp, and the lobbyists that have dispirited our base.

President Trump put a Truth Social post out today doubling down on McCarthy and urging his supporters to vote for him.

In all due respect, Mr. President, this is not your fight.

This is our fight.

This is the grassroots fight.

Yesterday, our populist movement transcended its current leadership.

Today, 20 new courageous leaders emerged. And there’s going to be more.

It’s a beautiful thing.