JF in the News: DeSantis Is Showing Strength

Truncated article. John Fredericks in the News. Full story here: https://emeatribune.com/desantis-is-showing-strength-hes-also-vulnerable-on-his-right-flank/

Few would say that Trump, who once described himself as “very pro-choice,” has deep convictions on the issue. At least one prominent evangelical leader, Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa, has said it’s time to move on from the former president. But if Trump continues to bleed conservative support, abortion could become a useful political cudgel against DeSantis.

John Fredericks, a conservative radio host in Virginia who backs Trump, said he was somewhat skeptical that abortion would play a major role in the presidential primary.

“Two years down the road, most states will have fleshed this out,” Fredericks said. But if a debate breaks out over who has done more on abortion, particularly on appointing conservative judges to the federal bench, he added, “Trump’s going to win that argument every day. We have a track record; he doesn’t.”