MAGA Sheriff David Clarke on Eric Hovde: ‘What the Hell is Wrong With You?!’

MADISON, Wis. — Today, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and MAGA radio host John Fredericks took to the airwaves to trash Eric Hovde for his belief that nursing home residents shouldn’t be allowed to vote, his flailing campaign, and for being Mitch McConnell’s handpicked, ultra-wealthy candidate.

Click here to listen to MAGA influencers Clarke and Fredericks trash Hovde’s campaign and comments insulting Wisconsin seniors

See highlights below:

On how Hovde’s campaign is going:

  • They took this guy Hovde, who nobody knows or cares, and they jammed him down the throat of the Republican grassroots in Wisconsin. They just shoved him down there and said ‘we’ve anointed this guy’ and the grassroots are like ‘we don’t like this guy!’ 
  • The Hovde campaign is plagued by mistakes, and it is. He’s always out there trying to clean up some mess that he made.
  • There is no buzz around Hovde’s campaign.
  • [Hovde] was swamped, he was hammered by the independents!

On Hovde’s remark that seniors in nursing homes shouldn’t vote:

  • He made some comment… where he said seniors shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they don’t really have all their faculties… He said that about people in nursing homes. You can’t talk like that! What the hell is wrong with you?!”