Trump Ends DACA Program – Fact vs. Fiction

Following through on a key campaign promise, President Trump and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions effectively ended former President Obama’s “Dreamers” program today.

It’s over.

The Trump Administration was pushed into action by 10 Republican state attorney generals, who had threatened to bring suit against the federal government today to end the program that Obama first decried, then implemented without legislative authority several years ago.

Sessions reportedly told the President that Obama’s executive order had no standing, and the courts were likely to nullify DACA.

So Trump acted…decisively.

Naturally, Washington media elites and the Republican establishment Wall St. funded donor class was shocked this President is bothering to follow through on another campaign promise.

They don’t. Why should he? Lying is so much more civil.

Here are the facts to dispel the rumors about Trump’s DACA action:

  • There are 690,000 people who are currently in the DACA program in the U.S. right now.
  • Ages range from 16-35, with the average age at 23.
  • Effective today, the U.S. government is not accepting any more DACA applications. Unless Congress passes a new law instituting it, the program is dead. No more applications, and no incentive to flood the border.
  • There are approximately 33,000 current DACA applications in the system today. They will be processed, and if accepted each of these applicants will get a two-year work permit waiver.
  • There are 73,000 current DACA workers who have re-applied for another two-year work extension. They will all be processed, and if approved under normal guidelines, will get another two-year work permit deferment.
  • If anyone in the DACA program has a waiver that is about to expire in September, they have until October 5 to re-apply.
  • DHS is not going to prioritize former DACA waiver recipients for deportation. The DHS and ICE will maintain their previously deportation priorities.

That’s it. Without Congressional action, The DACA program is over in about 2.5 years. Waivers are granted from the date of approval, not application.

What happens after new two-year waivers expire if there is no Congressional action?

Those in the DACA deferment program now will have two years to apply for U.S. entry through regular lawful means, marry a U.S. citizen, apply for work permits under other lawful avenues available, stay in the U.S. illegally and risk deportation after the permit expiration or return home.

 What is Congress’ role now?

 Congress has only three options:

  • Do nothing, and let the DACA program terminate itself after about 2.5 more years
  • Make DACA permanent and go forward accepting applications in perpetuity, or for another set period of time (sunset the new law).
  • Provide amnesty to the 690,000 DACA participants in the deferment program now.

That’s it. 

Now, lets see which Republicans vote for amnesty over their constituents’ wishes.

The onion is about to be peeled