The John Fredericks Show Launches in Washington D.C. on AM 1260 The Answer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Chesapeake, VA, October 9, 2017 – Common Sense Media Holdings, LLC  announces that it will begin airing its syndicated news radio talk show, The John Fredericks Show, in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia beginning October 16, 2017 on Salem Media’s AM 1260 The Answer.  The show will air from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Monday through Fridays on WWRC AM 1260. Fredericks is live 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. on his other affiliate network radio and streaming stations.

Fredericks, known by his listeners as America’s Commander of Common Sense, provides uncompromising coverage of Virginia, the nation, and the world. His morning program is the only political news-talk show that focuses on the most important issues that impact the daily lives of everyday Americans.

Fredericks, who brands himself as the “Godzilla of the Truth in America,” is also known as one of the most important, popular, and trusted voices in conservative radio.  His reporting on top trends in the political conversation provides accurate analysis and predictions, with balanced commentary.  U.S. Senators, U.S. House members, Governors and many of Virginia’s General Assembly members herald the John Fredericks Show as “must listen morning radio.”

His most accurate predication earned him a #1 honor in Slate Magazine’s “A List of the Pundits…Who Predicted Trump’s Victory.”

The John Fredericks Show’s mission is to provide listeners with highly relevant local, state and national news in a straight-up unfettered fashion, dialing listeners into the news as it formulates so they can experience it live and unplugged, giving listeners a straight daily dose of high-octane relevant and candid guest interviews, with no gibberish, no nonsense and no bells and whistles.

The John Fredericks Show broadcasts live weekdays from 6-10am on WHKT AM 1650 and 92.5 FM in Hampton Roads, WNTW AM 820 and 97.7 FM in Richmond, WBRG 1050 AM and 105.1 FM in Lynchburg, Danville & Franklin and streams live at

Fredericks said, “We are proud and honored to be an integral part of the Salem Radio Network and their syndication family.  The John Fredericks Show can now be heard in Washington D.C., Maryland and all across Virginia on our affiliates as we continue to truck the truth and bring uncompromising and fearless reporting to our growing cadre of morning drive listeners.”

The presence of The John Fredericks Show in Washington D.C. is significant for conservative voices in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.  The show provides to listeners an independent voice and a clean broker for the truth – not beholden to any faction, political agenda, strident ideology or issue-driven conglomerate.

Tom Moyer, General Manager of Salem Washington D.C. said, “The John Fredericks Show adds more local Virginia, as well as more national political coverage to AM 1260 The Answer. I’m thrilled to welcome John and his show to our airwaves.”

Corey Lewandowski, Former Campaign Mgr. Trump for President and now Senior Advisor and Spokesperson, America First Action said, “John Fredericks has proved to be an invaluable voice for the Trump agenda in America. His fingers are on the pulse of the President’s base and he was the first major media person in America to both predict Donald J. Trump’s victory and endorse his candidacy. It’s great to have his keen insight and powerful platform in Washington, D.C. for Salem Radio.”

Curtis Ellis, Senior Policy Advisor for America First Policies said, “John Fredericks is a needed breath of fresh air on Washington DC radio, a refreshing antidote to dull as dishwater, bland-leading-the bland talk radio. John is in a class by himself, unafraid to go after the sacred cows with both barrels.  John has been fighting the good fight against the “America Last” globalists and their paid puppets in elected office.  John stands up for the working people of America and fearlessly stands against the global slave traders and Wall Street “banksters” who outsource our jobs and industries to wherever they can find the cheapest labor on earth.  John Fredericks didn’t need anyone to tell him to get him on the Trump train – he was there first and was a one-man ticket window and train conductor helping tens of thousands get on the America First Express. ”

About John Fredericks:
John Fredericks is a senior media executive with over 35 years of experience. As an accomplished journalist and formidable investigative reporter, Fredericks has served as a large market newspaper publisher, editor, TV host, radio host, commentator and columnist. He has covered local, regional and national news events that include government, business, economics and politics.  Known for combining tough investigative reporting with in-depth news analysis, Fredericks leverages his extensive contacts, sterling reputation and experience to bring the biggest names and most informed experts to his show, to give listeners the information they need to make decisions about the issues facing our region, state and country.

On The John Fredericks Show, Fredericks serves as an honest broker of the truth, working to present all sides of every issue in a civil and respectful environment. His election predictions have proved uncannily accurate in Virginia and his pre-election morning line odds and forecasts have become “must listen” radio for Virginia politicos.  The John Fredericks Show believes there is a hunger among the populace for a forum where issues can be discussed intelligently and respectfully and firmly believes that Americans are eager to work together to find common ground among our diversity and differences. The show exists to give listeners and constituents access to information they need to begin the dialogue that can ultimately lead to working together, getting results and improving the Commonwealth and country.

About Salem Media Group, Inc.:
Salem Media Group is America’s leading multimedia company specializing in Christian and conservative content, with media properties comprising radio, digital media and book and newsletter publishing. Each day Salem serves a loyal and dedicated audience of listeners and readers numbering in the millions nationally. With its unique programming focus, Salem provides compelling content, fresh commentary and relevant information from some of the most respected figures across the Christian and conservative media landscape.


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