2017 Virginia General Election Race Predictions

Disclaimer: My legendary, world renowned and highly coveted political predictions – at 97 percent since 2012 – are based on the following not so scientific criteria: total hearsay, unconfirmed rumors, conspiracy theories, pure innuendo, personal insight, Trump White House leakers, DPV moles, Ben Tribbett, RINO’s, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, my high-voltage tin foil hat wired directly into the Tea Party mother ship (aluminum comes from Chi-Coms), William at the dry cleaners, Wayne from the Virginia Zoo, my postman, my radio show callers, the opposite of all CNU rigged polls, pure instinct…and my secret sauce.

It all adds up to a nearly flawless track record! I’m right a whopping 97 percent of the time.

Finally, my predictions do not necessarily reflect my endorsements or my preference as a voter. It’s just my cold, hard analysis.

Virginia Governor- Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Ed Gillespie over Ralph Northam

There is no way the Republicans should win the Virginia governorship in 2017. Every analytic trend in the last 30 years of Virginia politics screams for a landslide Democratic victory.

But Ralph Northam has snatched defeat from the jaws of sure victory.

While the Gillespie campaign is a conglomeration of website white papers and policy-wonk-a-mania, Northam’s campaign is so bad it makes Creigh Deeds look like JFK.

Somehow, Northam has failed to capitalize on Va. Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s popularity, and instead has lost his entire narrative to Gillespie in the last 10 days of the campaign. As popular as McAuliffe is in Virginia, it is inconceivable that Northam didn’t wrap himself around the Governor’s record and run as a McAuliffe second term.

In addition, Northam flip flopped on sanctuary cities four times in four days with four different positions. He also lied about his campaign’s coordination on the Latino Victory Fund’s despicable pickup truck ad. Candidates who lie to their constituents a week before an election don’t fare very well.

Consultants have turned a really good man into Virginia’s Manchurian candidate. The first Democrat that Northam ever voted for was Ralph Northam. Now, Ralph Northam the state senator would not vote for Ralph Northam, candidate for governor.

Virginia Lt. Governor – Fairfax makes Henry Howell look like Barry Goldwater

Jill Vogel over Justin Fairfax

Wow. Jill Vogel is the face and embodiment of the new Republican Party in Virginia. She will lead the GOP ticket in raw votes, and is going to be Virginia’s 2021 governor regardless of the Gillespie-Northam outcome. This woman has run a great campaign and has become the heroine of Trump’s Virginia voters. She disagrees with President Trump on certain policies, but does it in a graceful way while embracing President Trump, his supporters, and his agenda. Her level of authenticity is refreshing and motivating.

Democrat Justin Fairfax seems to be running on Democratic Socialist Workers Party platform. He’d make Gus Hall proud. His positions are so radical he makes Howlin’ Henry Howell look like Barry Goldwater.

Extremists don’t win in Virginia. See Cuccinelli and Howell. Vogel romps.

Virginia Attorney General – Adams is closing like a bat out of hell

John Adams over Mark Herring

One month ago I wrote John Adams off as political road-kill. Mark Herring had run a brilliant centrist campaign, and was poised for a comfortable re-election effort.

Then Northam started to implode, Adams’ television and radio ads began to resonate, and Herring decided to play four corners Dean Smith stall ball. The Republican Attorney General Association (RAGA) just gave Adams $2.2 million in the last week of the campaign – as a challenger. That’s a game changer.

Adams is going to win this race.

First, he had zero chance of defeating Rob Bell in a convention. Then State Committeeman Ron Hedlund changed his vote, and we had a primary.

Second, Adams had about a 20 percent chance of beating Bell in a primary. Then Bell drops out, and he’s the nominee.

Third, Adams had virtually no chance to defeat Herring. Then the RAGA – who has a policy of not giving money to challengers running against incumbents – changes their longstanding game plan and gives several million dollars to Adams, revitalizing his campaign.

Fourth, Ralph Northam goes belly up in the last week, the racist LVF ad runs and Republicans get pissed for being called racist and now all hell breaks loose. If you wrote a script on this, it would probably be rejected by Hollywood as too bizarre. Adams wins.

He should buy a Powerball ticket!

I’ll be on CNN Monday night with Don Lemon to make these same predictions on national TV!




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