Trump Economy is Booming; Just Ask Your Family

If you turned on the television in December the week before Christmas, you would have thought the U.S. was heading towards economic apocalypse. The legacy media seemed jubilant in reporting record one-day losses on Wall Street and bemoaned President Trump’s America First trade policies.

But a strange thing happened. In record numbers, Americans let their feet and their pocketbook do the talking. They spent, and they traveled.

As the U.S. economy continues to hum under President Trump’s leadership, a record number of Americans are expected to have traveled this holiday season.

AAA forecasts that about 112.5 million people will travel by train, car, or airplane between Dec. 22 and Jan. 7, an all-time record that represents an impressive 4.4 percent increase over last year.

There’s a very good reason so many people have hit the trail this Christmas: thanks to President Trump’s middle class tax cuts, the typical American family is saving more than $2,000 per year.

For many people, those tax savings alone are enough to cover gas and airfare, with plenty left over for some extra Christmas shopping — which is exactly what Americans did during this year’s record-breaking Black Friday.

According to Fortune, consumers spent a record $6.22 billion in online shopping on Black Friday, a 23.6 percent increase over 2017. Days later, Americans set another record by spending $7.9 billion online during Cyber Monday, a 19.3 percent jump from the previous year.

The return of America’s prosperity is undeniable and is now clearly evident in almost every sector of the economy.

President Trump’s insistence on slashing burdensome regulations and cutting taxes has led to the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, and the economy is on pace to exceed 3 percent growth for the year — the first time it has hit that milestone since 2005.

The President’s aggressive stance on international trade is also having a positive economic impact by ending unfair trade arrangements that gave foreign workers an advantage over Americans.

Trump’s critics call it a trade-war with our allies. Trump says we’re done with letting working Americans get screwed on bad trade deals, regardless of the geo-political alliance at hand. A bad deal is a bad deal.

While the uni-party political establishment did nothing to address the challenges posed by the outdated NAFTA treaty, President Trump wasted no time in scrapping that agreement and replacing it with an updated trade deal, the USMCA, that finally gives American workers a level playing field.

The President also made stunning progress in the decades-old trade dispute with China, sticking to a hard-line policy that recently forced Beijing to lower its tariffs on American-made cars by 25 percent.

Sadly, the Democrats, Never-Trumpers and the mainstream media are obsessed with portraying our economy in a negative light because they don’t want President Trump to get the credit he deserves for salvaging our economy from the mess of the prior decade.

Instead of supporting the President’s job-creating tax cuts, for instance, Democrat lawmakers blatantly misrepresented the broad-based tax reform to falsely accuse Donald Trump of giving handouts to the rich and abandoning the poor. Then, after the Democrats voted unanimously against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Nancy Pelosi arrogantly sneered that the $1,000 bonuses many workers received were just “crumbs.”

When President Trump slapped much-needed tariffs on certain foreign products, the out of touch elites in Washington and their pressroom lackeys were quick to label the strategy “reckless,” inaccurately predicting it would lead to a “trade war” and economic devastation. Instead, we have record jobs, a burgeoning GDP and rising wages.

Even when the President signed an executive order aimed at rebuilding some 8,000 economically distressed communities across America, the talking heads were quick to imply that the initiative was designed to somehow benefit the Trump family.

The legacy media may distort the truth to advance a naked political agenda, but the prosperity created by President Trump’s policies speaks for itself.

The more than 112 million Americans who spent money to travel to see family and friends this holiday season equal the record-setting number of Americans who now have jobs in this thriving economy. President Trump’s policies are clearly having a profound impact.

Come April 15, the great lie of the Left and the legacy media-that Trump’s tax cuts will not benefit lower income and middle class Americans—is about to be exposed when lower taxes are due and bigger refunds are filed.

Average Americans, however, know this already. That’s why they purchased-and traveled, in record numbers this holiday season.

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