John Fredericks in the News: Sixteen US States Sue Trump Over Emergency Wall Declaration

President invoked emergency powers after Congress didn’t fulfill request for $5.7bn to help build US-Mexico border wall.

However, John Fredericks, a syndicated radio talk show host and member of the Trump 2020 campaign advisory board, said Trump’s declaration is justified.

“This is an emergency and the president is ultimately going to be successful in securing about an additional $8bn towards the barrier and the wall that he’s advocated for,” Fredericks told Al Jazeera.

“This is a frivolous lawsuit brought by the 16 democratic states that basically want an open border situation so they can have additional people come into the US – undocumented, illegal and eventually turn into Democratic voters. That’s what this argument is about. Everybody sees through it.

“The amount of illegal immigration crossings with these caravans coming up is increased dramatically. We have gangs, we have violence, we have drugs,” Fredericks added.

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