Fredericks: Hate President Trump? Here’s a TV Contract

Fake Republicans and #NeverTrump-ers are now the hottest media show on Earth.

Starting in 2015, the legacy media created a new business model, a get rich quick scheme for all the phony Republicans who were swept away in President Trump’s America First movement.

Here’s how it works: Attack Donald Trump and draw new ratings and clicks after years of declining revenues. The New York Times perfected the model, as exposed by their terminated editor, Jill Abrahamson, in her new book, “Merchants of Truth.”

As they continue to advance this strategy, the mainstream media has now found new allies to give them the cover of legitimacy in their quest to destroy the President.

From CNN’s Jim Acosta to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, journalists and television presenters across the media landscape have discovered that relentlessly attacking Trump is a surefire way to gain more exposure, fame, and money in today’s #FakeNews media.

Acosta, for example, recently scored a deal for a new book titled: “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.” You’re kidding me right, Jim?

As one of the most prominent faces of the #FakeNews-ers, Acosta may be an enemy of the people, but he didn’t attain that status by telling the truth.

Like sharks smelling blood in the water, even lifelong Republicans have begun clamoring to get a piece of the action, carefully cultivating their anti-Trump credentials in hopes of securing a high-profile gig in the mainstream media as a reward.

The genesis for this get rich quick scheme really started in the White House press room, with anti-Trump reporters like Brian Karem of Playboy magazine and Urban Radio Network correspondent April Ryan getting lucrative CNN deals by shouting rude salvos at Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders during televised press conferences.

The White House pressers devolved from a sacred place for reporters to get information out to their respective audiences to a televised audition of “get-a-gig.”

Now former Arizona Republican senator Jeff Flake is cashing in after spending the last two years attacking his own party and helping the Democrats obstruct Trump’s agenda at every turn. This, of course, after realizing he couldn’t win a GOP re-nomination primary for another term.

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