Georgia 6th: Beach Takes to Washington Radio to Slam Handel

Brandon Beach leveled his most direct attack yet against former U.S. Rep. Karen Handel in an interview with a Washington radio show, mocking his 6th District rival’s defeats before he agreed with a host who called her a “Never Trumper.”

The state senator on Tuesday told John Fredericks, a former Georgia broadcaster who has a D.C.-based show, that Handel has “never been re-elected to an office in her career” and that if she wins the GOP nod she’ll lose again to Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath.

Beach also said Handel struggled to defeat Jon Ossoff in 2017 and lost to McBath last year because she didn’t cozy up enough to President Donald Trump, who only narrowly carried the district in the 2016 vote.

Read the full report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.