Epoch Times Forum Highlights China’s Hegemonic Ambitions, Trump’s Resolve

“It’s in the Chinese interest to make the farmers upset. China wants to disrupt the farmers because China doesn’t want Trump to win” next year’s presidential election.

The entire supply chain of the United States has been targeted, according to John Fredericks of John Fredericks Radio. Among other tactics, Beijing subsidizes industries until they can put foreign competitors out of business, he said.

“The unholy alliance of all time is Washington and New York, with Goldman Sachs, Dow Jones, Wall Street, and China all colluding with each other to destroy our supply chain,” Fredericks said.

“What the president is attempting is bringing the supply chain back.”

Only the restoration of the U.S. supply chain, Fredericks argues, will “cut off their long-term goal.”

Then, “we gain back control of our geo-economic destiny.”

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