John Fredericks in the News: Georgia Senate Runoffs Play Out While Conservatives in the State are at Each Other’s Throats

Story and Photo Courtesy of Media Matters, Molly Butler, and  Alex Walker

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Conservative media figures are attacking Georgia officials and fueling manufactured grievances

One of Trump’s most ardent supporters in the state is actually a radio host based out of Virginia who only recently moved his show to Georgia, ahead of January’s runoffs. Host John Fredericks, in explaining his decision to move to the state, complained about the supposed lack of true Trump loyalists among the state’s talk radio hosts and singled out one fellow host in particular.

On November 19, Fredericks claimed, “There’s no radio shows. Erick Erickson in the afternoon — are you kidding me? Never Trumper extraordinaire. I’m sure he’s backing Raffensperger.”

John Fredericks: “There’s no radio shows. Erick Erickson in the afternoon — are you kidding me?”

Erickson is one of the most prominent talk radio hosts in the state, and he openly supported Trump’s reelection effort despite Fredericks’ claim that he is a Never Trumper.

Since moving his show to Georgia a few weeks ago and launching a partisan “news” site designed to appear like a local publication — ostensibly to support Loeffler and Perdue — Fredericks has repeatedly hosted MAGA firebrands like attorney Lin Wood who have attacked the state’s elected officials.

During a lengthy interview on November 20, Wood accused Kemp and Raffensperger of corruption and suggested that unless Republicans stood by Trump’s efforts to overturn the election, Trump voters would not turn out to support Loeffler and Perdue.

“I don’t believe the people that went out and voted and believe in Donald Trump are going to show up for the runoffs. You are not going to fool Georgia voters but one time. So these people that think they’re going to try to, on the Republican side, get a win in the runoff, they are not going to get it unless they undo the fraud in the general election regarding President Trump.” Fredericks agreed, telling Wood, “You’re right.”

Lin Wood: “You are not going to fool Georgia voters but one time.”

Steve Bannon, a close Fredericks ally, echoed the sentiment on November 23 during an appearance on The John Fredericks Show.

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