House Candidate Taylor Keeney, Alleged Outsider, Endorses $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Kevin McCarthy for Speaker

Photo and story courtesy of The National File:

The self-proclaimed ‘conservative outsider’ was previously exposed as a Never Trumper

GOP candidate for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 7th District, Taylor Keeney, has thrown her support behind the massive $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending bill championed by the Uni-Party establishment on Capitol Hill. The bill, chocked full of left-wing climate initiatives and Biden Administration pet projects, has been staunchly opposed by former President Trump, conservative legislators, and voters alike who warn that it will pave the way for even costlier Democrat spending plans.

Keeney, who promotes herself as a “conservative outsider” despite her close ties to the GOP’s Never-Trump establishment, announced her support of the bill during a radio interview with The John Fredericks Show, during which she remained silent on the alleged abuses of the January 6th election integrity demonstrators being held in a Washington, D.C. jail.

When asked whether or not she would support the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill if she were she currently serving in Congress, Keeney attempted to tip-toe her way around providing a yes or no answer, responding in somewhat of a talking point format and telling the host that she was “glad to see that we are fixing this infrastructure problem,” before attempting to tie the bill to President Donald Trump, despite his opposition to it and pledges to endorse primary candidates running against those who voted for it.

Still refusing to provide a clear answer, Keeney continued speaking in talking point form, first telling Fredericks that she has “a problem with the bill and the trillions in new spending,” before remarking that “this was a bipartisan bill that was negotiated with a bipartisan group of Senators.” When Fredericks pressed her for a yes or no answer, Keeney still refused, telling the host, to his apparent astonishment, that “as a candidate, I’m not going to speculate on votes.”

“Wait, wait, wait! Taylor! Taylor! No! What do you mean you’re not going to speculate on votes?” a bewildered Fredericks replied. “You’re running for Congress Taylor. I mean, I’m asking you a simple question. People are trying to decide whether to vote for you!”

Pressed to provide an actual answer by host John Fredericks, Keeney endorsed the massive spending plan, which conservatives warn will lead directly to even costlier Democrat spending bills supported by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other radical-left-wing members of the U.S. House being rammed through the legislature. (READ MORE: McConnell And 18 Other GOP Senators Approve Biden’s Plan To Tax Drivers PER MILE Hidden In $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill)

“Yes, I would vote for the $1 trillion infrastructure bill,” Keeney said, finally affirming her support for the bill. “Because I think that it’s fixing real infrastructure, it was negotiated by a bipartisan group of individuals – of elected officials – up in Washington, D.C. and so I do think that we need to start fixing these problems. That’s a big issue that needs to be fixed is real infrastructure.”

Listen to Keeney’s interview on The John Fredericks Show below:

Photo and story courtesy of The National File: