JF in the News: Trump Told to ‘Face Reality’ on GOP Radio Show

A conservative radio host offered some advice to Donald Trump, who recently visited Georgia to stump for gubernatorial candidate David Perdue.

John Fredericks, host of The John Fredericks Show, told Trump on Tuesday to “face reality” as polls show Perdue behind incumbent Governor Brian Kemp in the Republican primary.

“You’ve got to get to another rally in Georgia,” Fredericks said during the interview. “I think if you do that, Perdue can turn the corner and, sir, win this election. But we’re behind. You’ve got to face reality. But we need you in Georgia again.”

Trump replied that the press will “blame” him and no one else if Perdue loses.

Trump’s influence in the Peach State—which he lost to Joe Biden during the 2020 election—will be tested this year as he has endorsed several candidates.

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