The Woking Dead: Publicist to the MAGA Stars Unleashes Hell on the Left in New Book

By John Fredericks

In a world in which our own government is out to lock us in our homes, kill our jobs, infest our cities with criminal gangs, and make the shining light on a hill we know as America weaker than we have ever been before, we need leaders to step up and fight back without fear.

Thanks to Joe Biden and his so-called 81 million voters we live in such a world right now. Just look around. Every major U.S. city is overrun with crime. A tank of gas costs a fortune. The young can’t afford an apartment anymore and older Americans can’t reach the dream of retirement. The American dream is dying and it’s all happened in under two years. That’s how fast leftwing ideologues can transform America into Venezuela.

In the face of all this chaos and misery, one man is stepping forward to lead. I’m not talking about Donald Trump. Or Ron DeSantis. The man stepping out from behind the wizard’s curtain is A.J. Rice, with an incredible new book, The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.

While Joe Biden peddled influence through his crackhead, whoremonger son Hunter and got rich off Chinese blood money, and while RINO Republicans weakened opposition to the hard left from within the right, Rice has steadily built a reputation for principled, smart, cunning, even daring conservative leadership. And now he’s telling the world all about it in The Woking Dead.

Rice is the original mind behind so much of what powers the right. You’ve seen his work in an eye-watering string of bestsellers from conservative heavyweights including Donald Trump Junior, Laura Ingraham, Peter Navarro, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and so many more. Too many to list here. He has been everywhere in conservative circles and media, a shadow warrior fighting for America among the who’s who of the right.

Rice’s prose is blistering, and his pacing is as frenetic as the man himself. Every section of The Woking Dead, every word, crackles with the perils and opportunities of the moment in which we live. The disasters behind and around us, and the choices we face in the months and years ahead.

The Woking Dead, as the title suggests, exposes and dissects woke politics from the White House to the corporate boardroom to the school house, where it is tearing apart families, dividing America, and leaving nothing but hate-filled, mindless woke zombies in its wake. But this book is so much more. It’s a cultural tour de force, and easily the smartest political treatise of the past several years. In The Woking Dead you get the energy of a first-time author with the seasoned thinking of a veteran of the last few decades of political warfare. Rice knows his stuff, and The Woking Dead is hilarious, searing, enlightening, enraging, powerful, and even ingenious in its takes and in its foresight.

America is at a turning point. Every politician and campaign from dogcatcher to president has said this for decades, to the point that it’s almost cliche. But it’s a fact that America faces a choice between the woke socialist death cult that the Democrats have become and the freedom that powered the United States to the top of the world. This moment demands smart thinking and leadership. We have that and more in this bombshell of a book by A.J. Rice, The Woking Dead.