JF in the News: CPAC King Trump Takes the Stage

When Donald Trump takes the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday he can be sure that his hold on the Republican base is as secure as ever, at least as far as the merchandise stands are concerned.

Row after row after row of hats proclaim, ‘Women for Trump’, ‘Trump 2024’ and ‘God, Guns and Trump.’

In the 26th row is the Ron DeSantis selection. Two visors and four hats with ‘DeSantisland: Make America Florida‘ logos.

‘Everyone is entitled to their view,’ says Caroline Hesse, who is running the stall, ‘but I think DeSantis is more on the RINO side of things,’ using a favorite Trump expression for Republicans in Name Only.

DeSantis is not even running yet but is frequently cited as the candidate most likely to give Trump a fight for the Republican nomination.

When CPAC convened in Orlando last year because of stricter COVID restrictions in its usual Maryland home, the home turf meant supporters of the Florida governor were plentiful.

He even took 28 percent of the vote in the conference presidential nomination straw

And when the organization met in Dallas last summer, there were signs that MAGA world might be ready for a younger generation of leader in the form of DeSantis.

With CPAC back at its usual home just outside Washington D.C., the Trump grip was back.

Allies such as his former strategist Steve Bannon and the ‘Godzilla of Truth’ John Fredericks broadcast from the corridors of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

MyPillow founder turned election denier and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell posed for photographs with young men dressed in the Trump uniform or navy suit, white shirt and red tie.

‘You see it’s 100 percent behind Trump,’ he told DailyMail.com. ‘Ron DeSantis is the Trojan horse of the Republican Party. He’s horrible.’

For Lindell, the Florida governor’s crime was meeting with a lawyer from Dominion Voting Systems, the company currently suing for libel after he pushed bogus claims its technology was to blame for fixing election results.

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