2016 General Election Predictions!

My election prediction record is 95 percent since I started broadcasting in Virginia on January 2, 2012. Not bad!

So far, my 2016 predictions are 100 percent!  


Last losses, from 2015: 

  • Monty Mason: He’s a beast. Period.
  • Amanda Chase: John Moss says checks vote once. 
  • Jeremy McPike: I drank the GOP Kool-aide and changed my bet at the window. Dumb. Never, ever change your bet. 


So here are my Election Day November 8, 2016 predictions thus far:

Disclaimer: My legendary, world renowned and highly coveted political predictions are based on the following not so scientific criteria: total hearsay, unconfirmed rumors, conspiracy theories, pure innuendo, personal insight, moles, RINO’s, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, my high-voltage tin foil hat wired directly into the mother ship (aluminum comes from Chi-coms), William at the dry cleaners, Wayne from the Virginia Zoo, my random radio show callers, pure instinct…and my secret sauce.

It all adds up to a nearly flawless track record! I’m right a whopping 95 percent of the time.

2016 Presidential Election

Trump wins.

A Gallup poll on October 26, 1980 blared out these results, two weeks before the 1980 election: Jimmy Carter 47 percent – Ronald Reagan 39 percent. You know the outcome.

Many of today’s crooked polls that are sponsored by the news media keep trying to skew the turnout models to show an inevitable Clinton victory.

This is designed to “crap out” or dispirit Trump supporters, pummeling them with bad numbers to keep them from volunteering time or money or even bothering to vote.

Even after manipulating the polling, Clinton’s lead is dwindling to next to nothing.

The next misleading media mantra will be: “Trump can’t win the electoral college!” It’s nonsense. Here’s why:

270 Electoral votes needed to win.

There are three scenarios for a Trump victory in November.

  • Scenario One: Trump wins Pennsylvania. Trump wins all the 2012 Mitt Romney states (including North Carolina, currently tied) and carries Ohio (tied), Florida (tied) and Pennsylvania (minus 4). This yields 273 electoral votes. Trump wins.
  • Scenario Two: Trump wins Virginia. Trump wins all the 2012 Mitt Romney states (including North Carolina, currently tied) and carries Ohio (tied), Florida (tied), Iowa (tied) or Nevada (tied) and Virginia. This yields 272 electoral votes. Trump wins.
  • Scenario Three: Trump Wins New Hampshire. Trump wins all the 2012 Mitt Romney states (including North Carolina, currently tied) and carries Ohio (tied), Florida (tied), Iowa (tied), Nevada (tied) New Hampshire (minus 5) and 1 of 4 CD’s in Maine (tied). This yields 270 electoral votes. Trump wins.

Naturally, if there is a Trump wave, he could also win Michigan and Wisconsin. I believe all polls understate Trump’s vote by a hard 2 percent, and in some cases as much as 3 percent. These are under the radar screen voters; those who are registered but have not voted in a decade or more. They just show up on election day, vote Trump, and go home.

2016 Richmond Mayor Race

Joe Morrissey, defying all odds, wins on the first ballot.  “Fightin’ Joe,” written off as road-kill by the so-called professional politicians and pundits ten times over, will be Richmond’s next mayor.

Here’s how he does it:

Morrissey needs to win five of Richmond’s nine precincts to win a first ballot (no runoff) victory. If no one carries at least five districts, Richmond voters choose their next mayor in a run-off between the two highest popular vote finalists.

Morrissey is poised to win four precincts going away: three, five, six, and eight. He is currently polling slightly ahead in district seven.

There are a plethora of viable candidates running, which divides the anti-Morrissey vote. The theory of one or more dropping out to stop Morrissey is remote. All any of the other candidates need to do is hold “Fightin’ Joe” to four districts on November 8, finish second, and best him in a runoff. So why would anyone abandon their race?

Neither scenario is likely, and Morrissey could even win a December run-off, as his voters are very motivated. Joe wins. Get over it.

U.S. Senate, House and Va. District 93 Special coming soon.