As Va. Democrats hold unity rallies, for Republicans, it’s every candidate for themselves days before election

REPOST:  The Washington Post

Kaine has maintained a sizable lead over Stewart since the start, and Stewart has failed to do much to narrow the gap. Some Republicans said Stewart’s lackluster campaign is a net positive for candidates in close races.

“The less heard from Corey Stewart the better for every other Republican in Virginia,” said John Fredericks, the host of Virginia-based conservative talk-radio show and fervent Trump supporter.  “Corey doesn’t have any money, so he can’t get in front of people and he can’t say anything. It’s like every other Republican hit the reverse jackpot.”

Before Election Day, Kaine and congressional hopefuls Cockburn, Luria, Spanberger and Wexton will have shared stages with a who’s who of Virginia Democratic politics, including Gov. Ralph Northam, McAuliffe, Democratic primary contender Tom Perriello, Attorney General Mark R. Herring and Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.

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