Steve Bannon Launches Live War Room: Impeachment Radio Show on John Fredericks Radio Network

Stephen K. Bannon, former chief strategist for President Trump and CEO/Chairman of the Trump for President campaign in 2016 has launched a seven-day a week live radio program on the John Fredericks Radio Network.

Richmond, VA — By John Fredericks 

Recognizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s master messaging on President Trump’s pending impeachment and frustrated by the lack of a coordinated response by Republicans, Steve Bannon took matters into his own hands.

He started his own impeachment war room  — in the form of a live radio show in the basement of his Capitol Hill townhouse. It gives rapid response new meaning. 

Bannon’s new show: War Room: Impeachment airs live on JFRS’ affiliates 9:00 AM-10:00 AM and is broadcast from Washington, D.C.

It’s also streamed live on, the John Fredericks Radio APP and 
War Room: Impeachment is already up to episode 16, and can be heard on our JFRS YouTube Channel as well as other podcast platforms and 

Run from our new studio installed in Steve Bannon’s basement on Capitol Hill, it’s a real live war room, set up just like it would be in the Trump White House or like the 2016 campaign in New York. 
War Room: Impeachment takes the day’s impeachment events, breaks them down with keen, insightful analysis and develops daily strategic communication and messaging plan. 
Most important, Bannon and his team provide D.C. GOP influencers and Trump supporters with an every-day blueprint for action. 
This is must-listen radio. 
Joining Steve Bannon each day are Jason Miller, former Trump for President strategic communication advisor and Raheem Kassam, who ran the war room for the UK Independent Party and Brexit for Nigel Farage. 
Other guests have included U.S. Reps. Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz, former Trump Administration Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, former deputy Trump 2016 campaign manager Dave Bossie, and many others. 
“The Nullification Project has worked extraordinarily well for Pelosi and the Democrats,” Bannon said. “Pelosi has taught a master’s class in political misinformation. It’s been brilliantly executed. She is the best there is at this.”
The White House decided against launching an impeachment war room internally. 
So Bannon went external. 
“The Democrats were taking free shots on goal on a daily basis, with no resistance at the beginning from Republicans or the White House,” Bannon added.

“Now they are fighting back, and our War Room: Impeachment show is a daily blueprint for action, including daily messaging that runs exactly like a real political war room like we had during the campaign, or like the White House employed for tax cuts and Bret Kavanaugh,” Bannon explained. 

Now Bannon and his War Room: Impeachment team and guests are driving the GOP response narrative, and explaining what his happening to our listeners in frank and candid terms. 
Jonathan Easley of The Hill newspaper had a great story on the show’s objectives. 
Don’t miss a day of War Room: Impeachment. 

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Virginia Dems Poised For Total Takeover of General Assembly 
Reminiscent of the cult movie classic “Night of the Living Dead” – the Virginia radical Democrats are banging at the door of common sense. 

There may not be enough boards and nails to stop them. 
The crazies are at the gate. 
It’s Caucus of the Corn – led by House Minority Leader Eileen Filler-Corn coming out of the high stalks at the stroke of midnight.

Plagued by money woes, the Virginia GOP is on the verge of generational political Armageddon. 
It’s the equivalent of a Republican political nuclear winter and Virginia is about to become the south’s new California.
The state Democrats’ message has been succinct and salient: “Trump sucks. Guns.” 

That’s it. 
To counter, the Republican message has been garbled and non-existent, driven by local issues only.
State Senate Gone 
The state senate is already gone. Holding a 21-19 edge, the best the GOP can do now is to hold their loss to two seats. If the Democrats win control of the state senate 21-19 consider is a resounding GOP victory. The night could end 23-17, which would spell catastrophe for the Virginia Republican senate caucus. 
GOP House Hangs by a Thread 
There is a GOP pathway to holding the House of Delegates, albeit a narrow one. It centers on Republicans holding three key seats: Paul Milde in Fredericksburg (Milde defeated Bob Thomas in a primary) Tim Hugo, the last Republican standing in Northern Virginia and Chris Stolle in Virginia Beach. If they hold those three, they have a fighting chance. If not: enter Caucus of the Corn, stage left.  
We’ll have complete district by district predictions at 6:00 AM tomorrow. 
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