JF in the News: Trumpworld Attacks DeSantis Over Not Condemning Looming Trump Indictment

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis remained tight-lipped surrounding the possibility of the former president’s indictment this week, sending Trumpworld into a spin.


Allies of former President Donald Trump are taking increasingly bigger swings at Ron DeSantis as it becomes clearer that the Florida governor could jump into the 2024 presidential campaign.

As DeSantis remained silent over the weekend on Trump’s looming legal problems, Trumpworld returned to doing what they do best: hurling even more attacks at the Florida governor. This time around, Trump cronies criticized DeSantis for not denouncing a so-far nonexistent Trump indictment. The uproar on social media left one Trumpworld pundit calling on DeSantis to phone up the National Guard to protect Trump from being extradited to face justice.

“Your silence on President Trump’s leaked indictment and his potential extradition and arrest by NY prosecutorial communist thugs is deafening,” pro-Trump radio host John Fredericks tweeted. “Trump is a resident of your state. You can no longer hide behind book tours & expensive DC consultants.”

The right-wing radio host and Steve Bannon ally added: “You have to choose between your Wall Street gangster-bankster big donor hedge fund open border benefactors-or us. Who do you choose to stand with, Ron?”

That’s just a taste of—but far from the only—frustration that’s begun to boil over in Trumpworld over DeSantis staying silent about Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation into the former president.

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