Godzilla Crashes RPV Advance – Gloves Come Off

RICHMOND, Virginia–The stakes are high. The intensity is hot.

The DEMS smell blood in Virginia and vow to spend whatever it takes to win back control of the House of Delegates while expanding their 22-18 majority in the State Senate this fall. Virginia Republicans hold a slim five-seat majority in the House.

The DEMS battle cry mirrors the infamous words of Malcolm X: “By whatever means necessary.”

The only meaningful election — or ballot collection process—this cycle is in Virginia. All 100 House of Delegates and 40 State Senate seats are up for grabs in November.

Due to a bold non-partisan citizens-initiated re-districting plan that passed on a statewide referendum two years ago, all the district lines changed, in many cases pitting incumbent against incumbent in both parties.

It’s a blood bath of sorts.

And the November outcome is sure to give the winning party a boost going into 2024.

Republicans Gather in Richmond

To plot their strategy and fire up the base, Virginia Republicans are gathering this weekend at the Richmond Marriott for their annual Donald W. Huffman RPV Advance.

The three-day event (April 20-23) is headlined as “Win in 2023” and is promoted as focusing on “Taking Back the General Assembly.”

The Advance is expected to draw hundreds of Republican activists, legislators, and statewide officeholders and candidates. It features breakout sessions led by party leaders, activists, conservative advocacy groups, the business community, and some political leaders at the federal level.

For the first time in 10 years, the Republican Party of Virginia is able to showcase three state-wide office holders during the event, as they captured the offices of governor, Lt. governor, and attorney general in 2021.

The John Fredericks Media Network will be right in the thick of it, broadcasting live on all of its radio and OTT platforms on Friday from 6-10 AM and with a special live edition on Saturday, April 22 from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST.

You can find all the available John Fredericks Media Network broadcasting platforms here.

John Fredericks Radio Show to Broadcast LIVE from Downtown Richmond  

Godzilla of Truth to Expose Single Biggest Threat to GOP Majority in Fall Elections: The Phony Clean Virginia Money From the George Soros of Virginia

The Democrats Trifecta of Michael Bills, Sonjia Smith, and Clean Virginia get a three-for-one Investment Pushing Their Outrageous Far-Left Communist Agenda.  

These Donors Rival George Soros in Effort to Push Virginia Commie-Left 

“By the time I leave Richmond on Sunday after four days every GOP activist at the Republican Party of Virginia Advance will know the name Michael Bills,” said radio and television host John Fredericks.

“This guy, his wife Sonjia, and their fake enviro-group Clean Virginia buys and sells Democrat candidates for the General Assembly like cordwood. These people need to be exposed and shown for who and what they are. They are in the quid-pro-quo business of mandating their lapdogs sign a pledge to do what they say if they take their money – that ought to be illegal if it isn’t already. Either way, it’s sick and disgusting and puts money over principle.”

Fredericks went on to blast the Clean Virginia candidates who take the “Soros of Charlottesville” money at their own peril.

“By the time I’m finished with this issue, candidates will be radioactive who take Mr. and Mrs. Soros of Charlottesville and Dirty Virginia’s money – it’s all one and the same,” said Fredericks.

“The mainstream legacy media will wish they had covered this story when it first started taking root years ago. Clean Virginia is campaign finance corruption hiding in plain sight.”

To see which candidates have taken the above money, go to VPAP.org to see the donor history of Michael Bills, Sonjia Smith, and Clean Virginia. There may not be enough space on your screen to hold all the zeros for their giving. The list of Democrat takers is huge! Even a few traitor Republicans have had their hands out.

Smith:The Virginia Public Access Project (vpap.org) $6.4 million

Bills:The Virginia Public Access Project (vpap.org) $18.2 million

Clean Virginia:The Virginia Public Access Project (vpap.org) $8.8 million

“Join me this weekend at the Republican Party of Virginia Advance, where I will have guests, analysis, and commentary on this cash avalanche drowning the political system in strings-attached money giving a massive competitive advantage to Democrats in the upcoming Virginia fall elections.

The big question is: does the legacy media really care? And what are Republicans going to do about it,” Fredericks asked. “We’ll damn well find out.”